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Eccentric Cinema is dedicated to "cult" and genre films. These movies run the gamut from Z-grade schlock to trend-setting milestones, big budget curiosities and films which have developed a cult following. Action, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, erotica, exploitation, martial arts the cult/genre film spectrum is diverse. In these pages you'll find our latest DVD/Blu-ray (and even a few old VHS) movie reviews, free audio and video downloads (including posters, WAVs, MP3s and video clips), plus links to some great cult movie sites.

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Explosions, gunplay, hand-to-hand combat
Bare Flesh
Brief to full-blown female nudity
Blood 'n' Guts
Beheadings, entrails, arterial spray, etc.
Cult Classic
Respected pillar of the community
Extra Cheese
Audaciously awful! So bad... it's good!
A temporarily mind-altering experience
Movies are rated on a simple point system: 10 is the absolute BEST rating; 1 is the WORST
For DVDs a second rating is provided, evaluating picture/sound quality, bonus features, etc.
A score of 0 is not possible 1 ("pure dookie") is the lowest and decimals are not used
We sometimes like bad movies. Naturally, film criticism is a very subjective undertaking. We're applying individual standards and tastes here. One man's cheese is another's caviar... and even cheese has its gradations. In the realm of cult movies, S.B.T.G. ("So bad they're good") flicks can be hard to qualify. They may be abysmal motion pictures in a conventional sense yet veritable motherloads of unintentional humor. This can definitely be a good thing! Film reviews with an "Extra Cheese" icon (see above) fit squarely in this category genuinely bad movies which can be loads of fun.
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EC's ongoing mission... Our goal is to occupy a comfy middle ground between the didactic elucidations of the serious film scholar and the empty "Fulci rulz, man!" banalities of the fanboy. We love all kinds of cult films; you probably do too, or you wouldn't be here! Our ongoing mission is to introduce new visitors to the cult/genre film scene and provide an easy-to-use utility for discovering these fascinating flicks. So if you're looking for new movie reviews, DVD movie reviews and free multimedia downloads (WAV & MP3), then this site is for you! Luxuriate in the weird, the bizarre, the truly cool world of cult movies.
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